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Why is taking care of yourself important?

Men tend to fall down when it comes to self-care. Do conditioning and the pressures of modern life cause the fall?

Self-care is a fundamental practice that needs to be built into our every day lives. It aides our physical, mental and emotional health in the following ways;

  • Our health gets better
  • Our mental health is in better shape
  • We are simply more available and present for our loved ones.
  • Our stress levels decrease, negating the negative impacts of stress
  • Our levels of resilience are much higher
  • Our ability to access higher levels of creativity and clear thinking are enhanced
  • We simply perform better
  • We become a role model – we give permission to other men AND the next generation to put self care high on the agenda.
  • Many of the issues that we face in society would be alleviated if we simply put good self care higher on the agenda!

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What does taking care of yourself really mean?

Good self care renews your energy, refreshes your mind and spirit and keeps you in tip top shape.

Good self-care is an investment in ourselves. It consists of practices and habbits and is built into our daily routine. 

Men often think of self-care as a physical thing. Its important to keep in mind self-care should incorporate emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Keep reading to see some self-care tips. 

How to implement a self-care routine

Self-care is best pursued one step at a time. Rather than try to overhaul your life overnight, pick one area where you can build in a new habit. As you notice the benefits in this area of your life, you’ll find more motivation to shift toward self-care in another area

30 Self-Care Tips/ How to take care of yourself


How often do you make time to take care of yourself?

There’s no perfect way or secret formula for self care. You need to find what works for you and which self care ideas deliver genuine results to your wellbeing and mental health. The key to self care is consistency, there is no point doing something once and giving yourself a pat on the back. To feel the true benefits and be your best self, you need to practice these methods repeatedly and build them into your everyday life. Simply, you need to care everyday.

Being your best self doesn’t happen naturally, it takes time and it takes effort, we just need to prioritise its importance. It seems strange that on our list of priorities, we usually put ourselves near the bottom.

We encourage you to choose a handful of these tips and give them a try and see how you feel. 

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Reconnect With Your Hobbies

For many men, the only time they disconnect from work is in doing something mindless, like video games or Netflix bingeing. Oftentimes, it’s accompanied by a low-key vice, such as drinking or gambling. While those activities are pleasurable, they fall more under the category of distractions than true self-care.

Spencer-Thomas acknowledges that distractions feel like self-care in the moment — a burst of oxytocin after hooking up with someone you just met, a dopamine rush from reckless behavior. “In many circles, this is congruent with masculinity — we go out together and get drunk, hit on women, etc. But taking those shortcuts to feeling better will bite you in the butt later.”

Dr. Ira agrees that it’s important to have times for blowing off steam. But what many men don’t realize is that the best cure for professional overstimulation is stimulation in a new form — intellectual, cultural, or even spiritual.

But even something as simple as rediscovering a favorite hobby can offer a breakthrough for mental and emotional well-being.

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Don’t Shrug Off Happiness

Dr. Ira points out that we all have a way of being in the world, usually one that we’ve developed in the interest of our own survival. Starting from earliest childhood, we create a false self that we believe will get our emotional and psychological needs met. This self gets even more narrowly defined once we enter school and get acquainted with society’s general categories — the jock, the funny guy, the straight-A student, the ladies’ man, the geek, etc.

None of these categories are inherently wrong, says Dr. Ira. “Whatever tools you devised to get your needs met as a kid are fantastic. Unfortunately, those same tools are probably hindering you from showing up in your adult relationships in a way that allows you to get the love you really want.”

Your best hope of true happiness, he says, lies within good relationships at every plane — professional, romantic, familial, etc. And good relationships with others start from a good relationship with yourself — in a word, authenticity. By unwinding the false self you’ve built through busyness, you can reconnect with your authentic self, rediscover genuine sources of pleasure and inspiration, and reclaim some balance in your life.

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